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Nell's Story

Hi! I'm Hazle Baker, a Buckinghamshire based mum of 2 and founder in 2018 of Nell's Kitchen Feasts & Events. I opened with the mission of providing delicious, healthy and balanced meals that not only satisfy taste buds but also promote happiness and overall wellbeing. 

My interest in nutrition started when my first child struggled to eat, so I studied nutrition to help her and left my job to retrain. Fast forward to today, I have worked with Michelin star chefs and catered everything from private dining at home, to AirBnB hen parties, and weddings for over 100 guests.  


Hire Us!

At Nell's Kitchen Feasts & Events, we specialize in delivering fresh, seasonal, and delicious menu options right to your doorstep either as a takeaway style treat or a fully catered party. Our low food mile practices ensure that you receive the highest quality ingredients while minimizing our impact on the environment.  From corporate events to intimate gatherings, let us create a moment to savour and enjoy together, we promise our food will be good for your soul and delivered with love!

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